A Certain Social Media Curate

So as we may or may not know, Facebook has recently turned 10 years old. Happy (belated) Birthday! But this marks a milestone on what has become a sort of standard social media. Its not a common and well known trademark. With this news I stumbled upon this article Facebook Turns 10 (February 4, 2014, by George Mathis). So I decided to to follow the links that appear on this article. But first a summary. This article not only mentions its turning of age but that it has grossed enormous amounts of money since its founding. The article mentions its used-to-be competitor of MySpace and to the humble Mark Zuckerberg.

As we read into the article, the first hyperlink we see is “said Facebook has been successful because it puts people before profits.” This quote leads us to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Stumbles (February 4, 2014, by Eun Kyung Kim). This article has a video interviews with Mark on Today. In one interview, Mark explains what he thinks made Facebook successful and what it is today. In the next, he is questioned on his view on the NSA and that he wishes the government was more “transparent” (very Circle-like). The final interview is about his personal use of Facebook and that many of them are of his dog Beast.

The next hyperlink we come to leads us to Charts of the Billionaire’s race ( February 03, 2014, by Nick Summers). The page is reference in the original article for claiming that Mark in  now the 22nd richest person in the world. This article goes on to explain that he is worth 28 billion USD. The article as compares his rapid growth income compared to the heads of other top internet companies such as Larry from Google and Jeff from Amazon. It ends off with the technology side, with the big tech companies such as Oracle and Microsoft.

The next link (Zuckerberg gives away 1 billion (January 6, 2014, by Eileen Brown)) shows us a humble side of the young and wealthy billionaire. This article explains that he has given 1 billion USD to charity. He has given money via shares and raised it from 500 million USD (in 2013). The article goes on to share that this sets a new record for philanthropist under the age of 30. It also talks about other big givers such as Bill Gates and Micheal Bloomberg.

The article ends with, and of course, with Mark’s personal Facebook page (FB.Zuck). This is no article but I will do my best to summarize. His Facebook page shows his interest in movies, books, and TV shows. By browsing his pictures, I did see his dog Beast that he is so proud of. This page gives a humanistic view of a figure as described in the first article above that has (in such a short time) developed one of the world largest social site, made himself a billionaire and has donated a billion back into the society.


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